Supervised Antigen Rapid Test (Tele-ART)

With effect from 6th April 2022, all travellers, except short-term visitors, flying into Singapore from any country can now fulfil their pre-departure Covid-19 test requirements through a virtually supervised antigen rapid test (ART).

The supervised ART is available at the following rate:

$25 for Supervised ART and notarised memo (Before GST)

Do note that by booking an appointment with us, you have agreed to the Terms and Conditions.


  • The requested appointment meets the traveller’s destination country's requirement.
  • Frontier accepts no responsibility or liability for any missed flights due to inconclusive results or any other unpredictable factors that may occur. (For travellers)
  • If the travellers ART returns positive, any travel will be prohibited and MOH will be notified.
  • Travellers will be able to reschedule appointment booked within 1 week. No refund will be given after 1 week of first appointment date.

Process of booking:

  1. Book your appointment via email or call 8683 8467
  2. You will receive a confirmation email and we will contact you 1 day before your appointment for payment and verification
  3. Admin team will contact you 1 day before for payment and verification
  4. To prepare before video conference:
    1. Prepare 2 sets of unopened HSA- approved ART kit, identification document and flight details
    2. Prepare a device which allows the supervisor to see and hear you clearly
    3. Position your device such that the ART kit and yourself is clearly visible in the camera’s view
    4. Test your audio to ensure you can be heard clearly
    5. During the appointment, identify yourself by stating your name, identity and show your ART kit to the supervisor
    6. Throughout the session, ensure your ART kit and yourself is clearly visible within the camera’s view
  5. On appointment day, login 5 minutes earlier and please note that we will only hold your session for 10 minutes..
  6. You will receive notarised memo within 1 hour from the end of tele conference via email

*Please check if your ART Kit is recognised in Singapore (