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Sleep hygiene is a set of suggestions on good sleep habits meant to help people sleep better. It was first created to assist individuals with mild-to-moderate insomnia. 1

Quality sleep is vital for both physical and mental well-being, but inadequate sleep is becoming a widespread public health issue. Numerous studies have highlighted a notable prevalence of poor sleep and insomnia in the Asian population. 2 According to the 2012 Singapore Health study, 27.2% of participants experienced inadequate sleep. 2,3

Studies have demonstrated that women, individuals from minority ethnic groups, people with obesity, and those of lower socioeconomic status tend to report poorer sleep patterns. 2 Additionally, there is a positive association between short sleep duration and certain factors, such as age, ethnicity, an extended period between dinner and bedtime, snacking between dinner and bedtime, and poor mental health. 4


Optimising Health and Well-Being Through Quality Sleep


Quality sleep plays an important role in both mental and physical health: 5

Mental Health


Physical Health


Recognising Signs of Poor Sleep: When to Take Action


Lack of sleep can make you excessively tired during the day, leaving you feeling unrefreshed and less alert upon waking. 1,6 It can also disrupt your performance at work or school, as well as impact your ability to drive and engage socially. 5


You may be facing sleep deficiency if you find yourself dozing off during the following instances: 5


Holistic Approaches to Addressing Sleep Deficiency


Here are several types of interventions to improve sleep hygiene: 7-9

Behavioural interventions 7

Pharmacological interventions 8-9



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