Why Health Frontier App?

A comprehensive scheduling system to allow you to make appointments for various types of clinical services including consultations, health screenings and vaccinations.

  • Easy appointment booking system to choose your services.
  • Address and contact details for each clinic listed.
  • Notifications for your appointments
  • Record and monitor your health readings


About This App

Be empowered and engaged as you connect with your healthcare providers to meet your personal health and wellness needs.

Health Frontier provides an ecosystem for you to schedule the health and wellness services that you require and access useful medical information that is curated by our qualified clinical team.


Empowering Health & Medical Care through our App

Key features of our app system support include:

• Access to curated patient education articles, infographics and videoclips.

• Telemedicine features that will be progressively introduced as we incorporate advanced technology enablers. Features will include teleconsultation, remote monitoring and drug delivery services, providing greater convenience and accessibility to healthcare.

• Allowing you to track your own lifestyle information like blood pressure, blood glucose, diet calories and exercise patterns so that you can use the data to improve your overall health and wellness.

What are the Key Features of Health Frontier App?

We strongly believe in providing the best possible medical care to every patient. That’s why our business app is designed to prioritize patients mental and physical well-being.

Our user-friendly app interface empowers patients to effortlessly manage their medical records and appointments. Through this convenient platform, patients can easily connect with our professionals and receive personalized, high-quality health plans.

The most commonly used features by our patients, including Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, and Weight Management. These features are essential for patients with hypertension, diabetes, or weight concerns. By using these features, patients can monitor their health regularly, identify potential health concerns early, and adjust their treatment plans accordingly.

Through physical consultations, patients can connect with our medical professionals and receive personalized care and support.

Moreover, this app also allows our doctor to access patient medical records, making it easy to track progression daily or weekly.

Our app is equipped with a variety of assessment tests that empower you to track and monitor your health over time effectively.

With our assessment test feature, you have the flexibility to take the tests at your own pace and as frequently as you deem necessary. By consistently checking in on your health status, you can proactively stay aware of any changes or concerns and seek assistance promptly, if needed.

Download today and gain better control over your health journey.

Manage Your BP reading through Health Frontier App