Guided expertise
Get direct access to our hand-picked panel of dietitians,
mental wellness, and fitness experts, who will work
closely with you to manage your health.

Personalised and holistic approach
Track your nutrition, physical activity, sleep, and more
in this comprehensive and personalised programme.

Ease of access
Make Amped a part of your lifestyle by easily
incorporating it into your daily routine and
accessing the app anytime, anywhere.

Get rewarded
We celebrate your achievements and success with
rewards to make your journey towards better health
more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Manage Your Health through Amped App

Amplify Health App Features


  • 3 virtual coaching sessions
  • Unlimited in-app messaging with your coaches
  • Track your health goals
  • AI-powered meal logging
  • Sleep and activity tracking
  • Curated health content
  • Personalised reminders and nudges
  • Rewards of $2/ $5/ $10 vouchers with each goal that you achieve.
    Earn up to a total of $120 in reward vouchers throughout the
    programme by achieving all your goals
Amplify Health

Frequently Asked Questions

This is an evidence based 6-month digital program for patients with diabetes and pre-diabetes. It is focused on lifestyle modifications (wellness) with the aim of improving health outcomes and reducing risk progression
Outcomes we hope to achieve in this program:

  • Patients with poor / out-of-range glycemic control: Reduction in HbA1c
  • Patients with good / in-range glycemic control: Maintenance of well-controlled HbA1c levels
  • Reduction in weight

There are 10 main user features in this app:

  • 3 video consults with health coaches (dieticians, fitness coach, and mental wellness experts)
  • Unlimited text-based coaching with health coaches
  • AI-based meal logging & food ratings
  • Sleep & activity tracking
  • Personalized goal settings
  • Rewards to incentivize behavior change
  • Curated educational content
  • Reminders and motivational nudges
  • Clinical bio-marker tracking & trends
  • Program summary report

Weekdays 9am-6pm: Average chat turnaround time ~1-2 hours; Weekdays 6pm-10pm: Average chat turnaround time: ~4 hours
Weekends and public holidays 9am-10pm: Average chat turnaround time ~4 hours

Once you have achieved your personalized goal, the reward voucher will be sent to your email in the next 72 hours. You will not lose the reward vouchers that has already been sent to your email inbox

You can download the app on your new phone and log in to the app with your emaill and password that you’ve set

There will be no penalty charges, but we strongly encourage participants to stay in the program to gain the maximum impact and benefits of the program

Given this is a clinical study for a fixed period. The access for all the users will be revoked at the end of the study. They will not have access to the app or it’s
features after the pilot

If patients forget their membership number, they can email  to for assistance.