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Nurse Counselling in Chronic Disease Management

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Nurse Counselling in Chronic Disease Management


Singapore's ageing population has contributed to the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases. 1 in 4 Singaporeans aged 40 years and above has at least 1 chronic disease(s) (diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol & stroke).  The risk of getting one or more of these chronic diseases increases with age. Unhealthy lifestyle will increase the risk further. The onset of health complications for such diseases and the high medical costs resulting from hospitalisation can be delayed or even prevented through early detection and appropriate management.


Frontier Healthcare Group partnered Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) and launched the Primary Care Network (PCN) in April 2012. The PCN is a network of General Practitioners (GPs) supported by nurses and care coordinators in providing holistic and coordinated care for patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.


With the PCN network, you can now receive better care monitoring and management of chronic diseases at a GP clinic nearer to your home. Most importantly, you will also have access to nurse counsellors for individualised advice to manage your chronic condition(s), including lifestyle and dietary modifications.


Our professional nurse counsellors will help the patients to understand their chronic conditions better, set an achievable lifestyle target with them which empowers them to better manage their own chronic conditions. They will closely monitor and ensure the patient had adherence to the treatment regimes, lifestyle modifications on diet and exercise. They also help the doctors to teach patient insulin injection techniques, assess patient’s dexterity control and ability to self-administer insulin injections safely. Besides face to face consultations, our nurse counsellors also make follow-up telephone consultations to our patients to give them confidence and to find out if they are coping well with their care plan.


“The benefit of nurse counselling is that it is very detailed. The nurse is very enthusiastic to help you. They find ways and means to lighten your mood; gives you goals to archive which helped as there’s something I can look forward to. Their follow-up calls also helps to give your perspective and encouragement.” Patient A.


“The nurse used plenty of helpful analogies which helped me understand my condition and medication better. I believe lots of patients can visualise their medical condition better too. Their explanations are clear and simple as doctors often do not have time to go through in details.” Patient B.


So why not book an appointment with our nurses for a nurse counselling session on chronic disease management?


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See Chue Win (Ms)

Senior Nurse Counsellor (Healthcare Services)


Publication: 21st June 2020

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