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Foot Care in Diabetes

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Foot Care in Diabetes


What is Diabetes Foot Assessment?

Diabetes is a major global health concern. In Singapore, there is an average of four lower extremity amputation (Lower Limb Amputation) per day in people with diabetes. About 3 out of 4 Lower Extremity Amputations are preceded by diabetic foot ulcers.

People who have diabetes will have a higher risk of developing foot ulcers. Such risk can be reduced through regular foot assessment.


My foot looks good, do I still need to go through Diabetes Foot Assessment?

Diabetes Foot Assessment can be conducted by a trained Podiatrist or Nurse working in collaboration with a Family Physician. It can help to identify and treat diabetic foot complications in a timely manner.


How often do I need to go for Diabetes Foot Assessment?

In diabetic patients, foot assessment will be performed at least once a year.

More frequent foot assessments should be performed in patients who have a higher risk of diabetes foot ulcers. Your Family Physician will help you to arrange for these assessments.


What benefit will I get after the Diabetes Foot Assessment?

3 out of 4 amputations could be avoided through regular foot assessments.

During the foot assessment, patients will also benefit from an improved understanding of diabetic foot problems and the use of appropriate foot wear.



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Fanny Hee (Miss)

Senior Nurse Counsellor (Healthcare Services)


Publication: 17th July 2020

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