Healthier SG

Healthier You, With Healthier SG

What is Healthier SG?

Healthier SG is a movement from Singapore which will help all Singaporeans take steps towards better health.

We have a good healthcare system in Singapore, but we need to focus on better health and quality of life for everybody.

With Healthier SG, we will enable all Singaporeans to

  •  Know your chosen family doctor who will provide care for you
  •  Know what preventive care steps you can take to improve your health
  •  Know that you can take steps for better health any time you want

One Family Doctor and One Health Plan for Everyone

We want all Singaporeans to have a trusted and lifelong relationship with our family doctor.

Our clinic will work with you to develop a personalised health plan. Based on your profile, you will be encouraged to go for nationally recommended health screenings and vaccinations.
You would also be encouraged to visit our clinic  for all your care needs and discuss about your health goals.
Across every stage of your life, our clinic will discuss about your health condition with you and address any health concerns you may have.

An Ecosystem of Support for Better Health

With the three regional health clusters – SingHealth, National University Health System (NUHS) and National Healthcare Group (NHG) will work towards developing an integrated health and social ecosystem within their region.

These health clusters will partner with agencies such as the Health Promotion Board (HPB), Agency for Integrated Care (AIC), People’s Association (PA), Sports SG and social and community partners to support your health goals.

For a start, you will be able to access more physical activities and healthier diets, and you will be able to choose the activities that suit you best.

If you are older, the regional health clusters and your family doctor will advise you on how you can attend healthy activities and programmes, such as at the local eldercare centre.

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What are the Key Features of Healthier SG?

1. Mobilise our network of family doctors to deliver preventive care for residents.

2. Develop health plans that include lifestyle adjustments, regular health screening and appropriate vaccinations.

3. Activate community partners to support residents in leading healthier lifestyles.

4. Launch a national enrolment programme for residents to commit to seeing one family doctor and adopt a health plan.

5. Set up necessary key enablers such as IT, manpower development plan and financing policy to make Healthier SG work.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a family doctor, we have an overview on your medical needs and guide you on staying healthy. We are also able to easily relate to you on your health issues as we are able to know you better and help you find the best solution to your concerns.

Yes you can.

Some our residents are worried they will not be able to go to different doctors when they need to, such as when they move. Based on this, we would allow for some flexibility in changes in doctors.

The White Paper on Healthier SG was submitted to Parliament on 21 September 2022 and will be debated in Parliament in October 2022. 

 Our family doctor will check in with you digitally by phone or when you stop by for other checks.

Our family doctor will find out about the your in following your health plan and meeting your own health
goals, and provide reminders on preventive health, such as vaccinations.

This brief annual check-in for preventive health will be subsidised by the Government.
Those with chronic conditions would typically require two to four follow-up consultations annually with a doctor.

Prevailing subsidies, such as the Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS), will apply for your visits and treatment.

Additional Healthier SG benefits will apply, for residents seeking treatment of chronic conditions from their enrolled doctor.